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For my best best best friend, Emma. joyeuseslog

I dreamed of living alone but fearless,

Secret longing to be courageous,

lonliness kept bottled up inside,

just reveal your brave face they’ll

 never know you lied.


Country road may lead me home,

Know i belong there all on my own

destiny calls, motionless I stall,

no I can’t go,

Country road.


No matter how dark the world’s inside me

 I’ll never stop to show a tears that I’ve shed, but now

 I have to walk so fast, running, sprinting to forget

what is lodged in my head.

country Road, may lead me home, know I belong

 there all on my own. Destiny calls, motionless

 I stall no I can’t go country roads.

country road, la la la la. You’re a good friend

 I’ll never know. Same tomorrow, regret and sorrow,

can’t take you home. Country Road.

“I don’t wanna be burden for you. If I’m going with you, I’m going help you”

—    Shizuku Tsukishima

Film produksi Ghibli Studio asal jepang ini selalu mempunyai alur cerita yang kuat. Selain Spirit away dan Grave of fireflies garapan mereka yang sudah saya tonton, sekarang giliran "Castle in the sky" dimana cerita petualangan dua orang sahabat untuk menemukan sebuah istana. Yah bagi para penyuka film animasi atau kartun tentunya film ini wajiblah di tonton. Film ini tidak hanya dikemas dalam bahasa jepang, tetapi mereka juga menyajikannya dalam versi bahasa inggris yang luar biasa apik dan jelas.

"Castle in the sky" is a Incredible movie by Studio Ghibli  

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I dropped some tears on my way down to Bunnings. Actually. Because I feel that it’s so hard find friends to share my ideas/ project/ whatever. People around me pretty much don’t like make their hands dirty or lift some weights. Made me miss kornita very very much.

– View on Path.
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My eardrums dance with joy.

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